How to run xCloud on Linux (also on SteamOS)?

How to run xCloud on Linux

The arrival of the console has Steam Deck begun to raise a lot of questions around Linux and its capabilities. Some people have also expressed a desire to use their gaming consoles via xCloud. So how do you run it on Linux? It is very easy!

What is xCloud?

xCloud , or in fact Xbox Cloud Gaming, is a cloud service that allows us to play games on almost any equipment connected to the Internet. Having fast internet and paying a subscription, we can play many games, including AAA titles. However, games do not run on our computer, but in the cloud. An image is sent to us and we return the input. Services such as Google Stadia and GeForce Now work in a similar way.

How to run xCloud on Linux?

Despite the fact that xCloud belongs to Microsoft, we can still use the service on other systems, including Linux. So how do you run Xbox Cloud Gaming? It’s easy!

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1. Connect the controller

First we need to connect the controller. I tested those from the Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One and they work great. The pad can be connected via both USB-C / Micro USB and Bluetooth cable. You do not need any drivers and configurations for both forms. Everything works straight away.

Unfortunately, I haven’t tested other controllers. They will be handled by Linux, but I don’t know if xCloud will work with them.

2. Install a Chromium based browser

The service works only in browsers based on Chromium. It can be Chromium itself, but also Brave Browser , Google Chrome, Opera or Microsoft Edge . In fact, almost every browser except Firefox . If you don’t have one, you have to choose one – they are all available for Linux.

3. Go to the Xbox Cloud Gaming website

And it’s basically over. Just go to >> this page <<, log into your account and you can play! The interface is fully controlled by the controller. Games run without installation on disk. Importantly, game saves sync between your computer and the Xbox console.

NOTE: A subscription, including Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, is required to run xCloud games. Its standard price is PLN 54.99.

xCloud for Linux is not a problem

As you can see, playing games on xCloud is no problem on Linux, and thus – it will also be the same with Steam Deck and SteamOS. It is true that we do not know what it will be like with the controllers built into the Deck, but I bet that these will be supported normally.

Not only that, the featured >> here video on the Linus Tech Tips channel << clearly shows that we will be able to create shortcuts to selected websites in the native interface. This is a common feature of almost every web browser, but it’s a good thing Valve doesn’t forget about it.

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