Zorin OS 16 Update Download: Windows 11 excellent replacement

Zorin OS 16 Update Download: Introduce a large number of new features Windows 11 excellent replacement, If you have plans to switch from Windows to Linux distribution in the near future, then the latest Zorin OS 16 is a very good choice. The new version brings a lot of new features, the focus of which is worthy of attention is the ability to run Windows software more easily.

Zorin OS 16 released

It’s also faster than ever, and it comes pre-installed with great software including a brand new voice recorder application. Thanks to native Flatpak support, there are plenty of great programs to install. Fans of the wobbly window will love the new “Jelly Mode”. There are even new touchpad gestures.

Zorin OS developers explained: “Speed ​​has always been the top priority of Zorin OS 16, so the desktop runs very fast on a variety of new and old hardware. From the kernel to the desktop environment, performance has been performed at all levels of the operating system. Optimization. The application opens faster, the animation is smoother, and the loading time is reduced, so you can spend more time improving your work efficiency.”

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The developer further stated, “Zorin OS now has a built-in database that can detect popular Windows installer files so that the system can guide you through the installation process. If the system recognizes the .exe or you double-clicked .MSI file , it will Automatically recommends that you install applications or games (or their closest alternatives) from recommended sources, whether it is a native package in the software store or a Linux optimized installer for PC games in Lutris or Steam. If you wish to run the application Or the Windows version of the game, which provides you with a simple and sensible option to install Windows application support”.

Zorin OS 16 developers shared other improvements

● Fine zooming of high-resolution screens

● Use and install the latest NVIDIA driver on the .ISO file

● Easily join Active Directory domain from system installer

● Star files can be easily accessed in the “Files” application

● Better fingerprint reader support through simpler settings

● New photo application to simplify photo management

● Display the QR code to easily connect your device to the computer’s Wi-Fi hotspot

● The Settings app now has a refreshed category layout that is easier to navigate

● By dragging and dropping applications to each other, you can easily create application folders in the application grid (only touch-sensitive, macOS-like and Ubuntu-like desktop layouts)

● By default, the built-in tracking and telemetry in Firefox are disabled for a more privacy-respecting web browsing experience

● Flicker-free startup experience (on supported hardware)

● Encrypted installation can now create recovery keys

● Improved support for new hardware

● Based on Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS

Zorin OS has multiple versions to choose from, including lightweight “Lite”, standard “Core” and fully loaded “Pro”. Except for the Pro version, which costs $39, all other versions can be downloaded and used for free . You can download Zorin OS 16 here now-completely free.


  1. I’m not sure, I’m not tested , but try this Open the Activities overview and start typing Users. Click on Users to open the panel. Press on Disabled, next to Fingerprint Login to add a fingerprint for the selected account

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