How to Install Netbeans IDE on Ubuntu Linux


In this tutorial, you will learn various ways to install Netbeans IDE on Ubuntu Linux distributions.

Install Netbeans IDE on Ubuntu Linux

NetBeans is an open source integrated development environment with good cross-platform support. This tool has been widely recognized by the Java and C/C++ development communities.

The development environment is very flexible. You can configure this tool to support a variety of development goals. In fact, you can develop web, desktop and mobile applications without leaving the platform. It’s amazing, isn’t it? In addition, users can add a variety of known languages, such as PHP, C, C++, HTML, Ajax, JavaScript, JSP, Ruby on Rails, and the list is constantly increasing!

If you want to install Netbeans on Linux, there are several ways to do this. I wrote this tutorial mainly for Ubuntu, but some installation methods are also applicable to other distributions. This article tested Ubuntu 20.04.

  • Use apt to install Netbeans on Ubuntu: suitable for Ubuntu and Ubuntu-based distributions, but usually install the old version of Netbeans
  • Install Netbeans on Ubuntu using Snap: For any Linux distribution that has Snap packaging support enabled
  • Install Netbeans using Flatpak: For any Linux distribution that has Flatpak package support

Install Netbeans IDE on Ubuntu using Apt package manager

If you search for Netbeans in the Ubuntu Software Center, you will find two available Netbeans. Apache Netbeans is a snapshot version with a larger download volume, but it can provide you with the latest Netbeans.

You can install with one click. No need to open the terminal. The easiest way.

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You can also choose to use the apt command, but when you use the apt version, you will not get the latest Netbeans. For example, at the time of writing this tutorial, Ubuntu 20.04 provides Netbeans version 10 through Apt, and Snap has the latest Netbeans 12.

If you are a fan of apt or apt-get, you can use the following commands in the terminal to enable the Universe repository and install Netbeans:

$ sudo apt install netbeans
Install Netbeans IDE on Ubuntu Linux

Use Snap to install Netbeans IDE on any Linux distribution

Snap is a general-purpose package manager. If Snap is enabled on the distribution, you can install it with the following command:

$ sudo snap install netbeans --classic

Or you can use Ubuntu Software Store ;

How to Install Netbeans IDE on Ubuntu Linux

The process may take some time to complete because the total download size is approximately 1 GB. When finished, you will see the application in the application launcher.

Not only will you get the latest Netbeans with Snap, but the installed version will be automatically updated to a newer version.

Install Netbeans using Flatpak

Flatpak is another general packaging, such as Snap. Some distributions support Flatpak by default, and you can enable Flatpak support on other distributions.

After getting Flatpak support on the distribution, you can install Netbeans using the following command:

$ flatpak install flathub org.apache.netbeans
install netbeans using flatpak

In addition, you can always download the source code of this open source software and compile it yourself.

Download Netbeans

Hope you have chosen one of the above methods to install Netbeans on Ubuntu Linux system. Please tell me which method you used and have you encountered any problems? Be sure to let us know, using the comments section.

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