Linux Mint advances its plans for the next version

Linux Mint advances its plans for the next version

Few distributions are as absolutely stabilized in form and substance as Linux Mint, which has more than enough benefits, but don’t expect any surprises, because it doesn’t have any. That is why knowing that this year it will launch its new major version is no mystery.

However, Clement Lefebvre has taken advantage of the publication of the monthly Linux Mint news bulletin to anticipate some of the things to come, such as, mainly, the next major version of the distribution. We are talking about Linux Mint 21 codenamed ‘Vanessa’, which will be released sometime this year in the wake of Ubuntu 22.04 LTS.

As we all know, Linux Mint has been basing its major releases on Ubuntu LTS for years and they haven’t made a better decision than that so far. Linux Mint essentially follows a six-month release cycle, with a new major release every two years followed by incremental releases on the same basis, a stability-focused strategy that has worked like clockwork.

In fact, Linux Mint released this 2022 (it arrived a little later than usual, it would have been usual for it to be released at Christmas) the third minor version of its current stable version, Linux Mint 20.3 , to which it still loves. there is a good support time ahead, but that you will not receive any more updates in the form of an installation image.

Linux Mint Debian Edition 5 Available to Download: discover all its news

Of course there will be many users who will want to update directly from Linux Mint to Linux Mint 21 and although the process is not very cumbersome and is -or should be- well known by users of the distro, they are working to make it as easy as possible through a fully graphical, translated, safe and effective tool that they hope to have ready for this year, but that they will test with LMDE first.

But Lefebvre has not only reported the future of the main version of Linux Mint, which as you know has a very special edition called Linux Mint Debian Edition or LMDE whose most recent version appeared just a few weeks ago: LMDE 5 for more information. Well, be careful who is using LMDE 4 , because its support ends in August.

More information included in this bulletin deals with the report of problems in the download speed of updates, for which they recommend using the appropriate mirrors, improvements in applications developed by the project such as Warpinator or the typical summaries of donations from sponsors.

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