MATE 1.26 expands its Wayland support and improves its applications

MATE 1.26

After a year and a half of development, the launch of MATE 1.26 has just been announced  , a new version of the desktop environment that keeps the forms and background of GNOME 2 alive, to which improvements and modernizations have been added gradually, without any kind in a hurry, but not without great pauses either.

That said, each new version of MATE is usually quite anodyne in terms of news and MATE 1.26 is no exception, rather the opposite, despite which the regulars of this environment will be delighted, because they receive more or less what they expect: incremental improvements that don’t distort the user experience.

“The theme of this version has been the addition of new functions to the MATE desktop, maintaining the appearance that we all know and love,” summarize those responsible for the project in the  official announcement of MATE 1.26 . “While all the added features are surely interesting, we also didn’t forget to fix a lot of bugs, modernize the code base, and optimize performance,” they add.

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Thus, the highlight of MATE 1.26 is the extension of the Wayland support , which reaches applications in the environment such as the Atril document viewer, the Pluma text editor or the terminal emulator; These applications and many others, in addition to some of the desktop components, depositories of the rest of the news in this version, at least the most interesting.

The aforementioned Pluma text editor , for example, “has undergone massive improvements,” say its developers, including the addition of features such as a new minimap, a new preferences dialog, tweaks here and there … “In conjunction with the new Pen Plugins, our text editor can be turned into a feature-rich IDE », they clarify. Pen is, however, the application that receives the most changes.

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The rest of the new features of MATE 1.26 are distributed among other applications in the environment in the form of small and few improvements and little else can be added. For more information, the official announcement linked above, where all the news of this release are listed.

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