SuperTuxKart 1.3 arrives with important improvements in terms of performance and interface

SuperTuxKart 1.3 arrives with important improvements in terms of performance and interface

SuperTuxKart 1.3 has recently appeared , the latest version of the classic Super Mario Kart clone starring the most prominent mascots of free software and whose code is published mainly under the GPLv3 license, with components of the artistic part under Creative Commons licenses and public domain .

SuperTuxKart is a very veteran project that as a video game falls within a genre that is very trite, so saving things like the online video game, which was included in version 1.0 , the foreseeable thing is to expect improvements and more content. SuperTuxKart 1.3 has included two new battle arenas called Ancient Colosseum Labyrinth and Alien Signal , the first being inspired by the Roman Colosseum and the second by the actual location of the SETI program .

The Las Dunas Soccer Stadium circuit, which is not very popular with users, has been revised based on the feedback generated by the community, so it is now presented as a simplified and symmetrical soccer field.

In order to facilitate the completion of the races, extensions have been introduced to the finish line on the following tracks to ensure the counting of the laps even in case the player is slightly off the track: Hacienda, Old Mine, Ravenbridge Mansion and Shifting Sands. At the broker level, Pepper has been included , extracted from the Pepper & Carrot comic that is published as free and Open Source software, while Adiumy, Emule, GNU and Sara have been improved.

Fedora Linux 35 has entered beta testing

In terms of graphics, SuperTuxKart 1.3 has introduced rendering resolution scaling “for users with limited GPU power , allowing for significant performance gains (FPS) at the cost of image quality. You can also allow additional graphic effects with the same performance. This is especially useful for users with high-resolution, high-DPI displays. Scaling only affects the 3D scene, so the user interface remains sharp at full resolution . ” Other points to take into account are the elimination of some obsolete graphic effects that were no longer used and the support for icons in SVG (vector graphics) format.

Now the application window is created with SDL2, which opens the door to improve the support for controllers , and it is possible to click on the links present in the texts that are displayed in the game interface. On the other hand, support has been added for servers in a local network with IPv6 and client auto-detection in IPv4 and IPv6.

All the details on SuperTuxKart 1.3 are available for your reference via the changelog and official announcement . The game can be downloaded for Linux, macOS, Windows and Android from the corresponding section on the project website , although there is also support for iOS and the launch in question has added Haiku as a supported platform.

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