Lakka 3.5 Released, A Distribution for Creating Game Consoles

The release of the distribution has been Lakka 3.5 published , which allows you to turn computers, set-top boxes or single-board computers into a full-fledged game console for running retro games. The project is a modification of the distribution LibreELEC kit , which was originally designed for creating home theaters. Lakka builds are generated for i386, x86_64 platforms (Intel, NVIDIA or AMD GPUs), Raspberry Pi 1-4, Orange Pi, Cubieboard, Cubieboard2, Cubietruck, Banana Pi, Hummingboard, Cubox-i, Odroid C1 / C1 + / XU3 / XU4 and etc. To install, just write the distribution to an SD card or USB drive, connect a gamepad and boot the system.

Lakka is based on the RetroArch game console emulator , which provides emulation of a wide range of devices and supports advanced features such as multiplayer games, save state, enhancing the image of old games with shaders, rewinding games, hot plugging gamepads and video streaming. Emulated consoles include Atari 2600/7800 / Jaguar / Lynx, Game Boy, Mega Drive, NES, Nintendo 64 / DS, PCEngine, PSP, Sega 32X / CD, SuperNES, etc. Supports gamepads from existing game consoles including Playstation 3, Dualshock 3, 8bitdo, Nintendo Switch, XBox 1 and XBox360.

Fedora Linux 35 has entered beta testing

Lakka 3.5 Released, A Distribution for Creating Game Consoles

What’s new in Lakka 3.5:

  • The RetroArch package has been updated to version 1.9.10, which provides the ability to remove the previously established pairing with Bluetooth devices by pressing START / Space for the selected device in the list.
  • Updated versions of emulators and game engines. The N64 emulator includes support for dynamic recompilation RDP / RSP .
  • Mesa package has been updated to version 21.2.3. For Intel GPUs, the i965 driver has been replaced with crocus, based on the Gallium3D architecture.
  • Added support for new PiBoyDMG, Capcom Home Arcade, RetroDreamer and Anbernic RG351MP devices.
  • Added xpadneo driver to support Xbox Wireless Controllers.
  • Built-in VPN WireGuard support.
  • Updated firmware and kernel.

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