Thunderbird 91.0 Released with lots of UI Improvements

Thunderbird 91.0 Released with lots of New features

The Thunderbird development team has Thunderbird 91.0 released ( Download ). This release is one of the biggest releases in several years and offers some new functions and changes. Mozilla Thunderbird is probably known to most as a mail client. However, the program also supports other use cases such as chatting or calendar synchronization. The source code is publicly available and is under the Mozilla Public License 2.0.

Thunderbird 91.0 New features:

  • Thunderbird gets faster in this version because support for multiple processes has been introduced.
  • One of the most noticeable changes is certainly that the account setup wizard has been redesigned. In addition to a better appearance, the latest version also provides automatic recognition of calendars and address books. In addition, the end user is suggested to configure further settings such as the signature or end-to-end encryption.
  • As of this version, the mail attachments are displayed below. This means that the file names are easier to see and that several attachments are immediately visible. When using drag-and-drop files, a direct query is now made as to whether the file should be sent as an attachment or within the mail. This can be a useful feature for pictures, for example.
  • Thunderbird now supports the direct display of attachments in PDF format, which means that Thunderbird does not have to be left. tool may certainly be of security-conscious users This interest to . The point here is that no JavaScript code can be executed within the PDF file.
  • Another change concerns the presentation of the different elements. There is a new option that the elements can be displayed differently depending on the device class.
  • This update should also be worthwhile for lovers of dark themes, as improvements to the dark theme have been made.

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In addition to the changes presented, the project classifies other changes as important. These changes include, for example, support for CardDav (and the automatic detection of it), the ability to change the order of the accounts in the user interface and that a double-click on .ics– Files this opens in the calendar. All changes can be read in the Thunderbird release notes and blog posts.

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Currently, the software cannot be updated directly if version 78 or older is used. However, this should be possible in future releases. One problem is known at the moment. This issue is about OTR chat encryption not working on 32-bit Windows builds. For most people, however, this problem may not really be relevant.

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The blog post mentions that the development team is proud of this release. In addition, a look into the future is dared. A new address book will be created in the next version and improvements will be made in the context of end-to-end encrypted emails. Furthermore, better import and export tools are to be provided and the calendar function is to be improved. The fact that additional functions are to be implemented also creates a little tension. Details on this are not yet announced.


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