Elementary OS 6 Odin Available to Download

Elementary OS 6 Odin Available to Download

Elementary OS 6 Odin Available to Download, Daniel Fore and his team have been working on the Ubuntu-based elementary OS for 10 years. The main goal was to the design with the look and feel align of macOS. In addition, all applications should come from the same toolkit – in this case, GTK. Over time, many of its own applications, such as the in-house desktop Pantheon were created. The elementary OS 6 Odin based on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS was released yesterday.

Flatpak and portals

According to the developers, elementary OS 6 is the biggest update the distribution has seen to date. The trend towards Flatpak as the preferred package format is striking. All applications available in the AppCenter as well as several standard applications of the distribution are now offered as flat packs. In addition, portals are used in order to be able to control the permissions of the apps for access to the file system and the hardware in a granular manner. This is graphically shown in System Preferences | Applications | Access rights implemented. This also applies to subsequently installed Flatpaks from Flathub or from developer websites.

Dark style and new accents

A new dark style can either be set permanently or switched on automatically depending on the time of day. Ten new accent colors for the theme ensure that details such as buttons and decorations are adjusted in style. On request, an automatic system selects the accents to match the respective background image. Another innovation for users of touchscreens and touchpads is the new multi-touch support. A three-finger swipe up opens the multitasking view, which shows open applications and workspaces. A swipe with three fingers to the left or right switches seamlessly between the dynamic work areas, so that you can switch between tasks even faster.

App updates and LVFS

The app for notifications has been completely redesigned, a new app called Tasks takes care of upcoming tasks on the to-do list and is compatible with CalDav. Elementary OS 6 supports | System | Firmware now updates for the firmware of Star Labs, Dell, Lenovo, HP, Intel, Logitech and Wacom, among others, which are provided by the Linux Vendor Firmware Service . In addition, many apps have been revised. All changes can in the detailed release notes be read .

Download Elementary OS 6 Odin

elementaryos-6.0-stable.20210810.iso (2,251MB, torrent, pkglist).

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