The Waydroid project develops a package to run Android on GNU / Linux

The project Waydroid has prepared a toolkit that allows you to create an isolated environment in a regular Linux distribution for loading a complete system image of the Android platform and organize the launch of Android applications with it. The code of the toolkit proposed by the project is written in Python and is released under the GPLv3 license. Ready packages are generated for Ubuntu 20.04 / 21.04, Debian 11, Droidian and Ubports .

The environment is built using standard technologies to create isolated containers such as namespaces for processes, user IDs, networking subsystem, and mount points. The toolkit is used to manage the container LXC . To run Android on top of a regular Linux kernel are loaded , the modules binder_linux and ashmem_linux .

The environment is designed to work with a session based on the Wayland protocol. Unlike the similar environment Anbox , the Android platform provides direct access to hardware, without additional layers. The proposed Android system image for installation is based on assemblies from the project LineageOS and Android 10 .

GNOME 41 Released

Waydroid Features:

  • Desktop Integration – Android apps can run side-by-side with native Linux apps.
The Waydroid project develops a package to run Android on GNU / Linux distributions
  • Supports placing shortcuts on Android applications in the standard menu and showing programs in overview mode.
  • Supports running Android applications in multi-window mode and styling windows to match the basic design of the desktop.
  • For Android games, the ability to run applications in full screen mode is provided.
  • A mode is available for showing the standard Android interface.
  • To install Android programs in graphical mode, you can use the app F-Droid or the command line interface (“waydroid app install 123.apk”). Google Play is not supported due to binding to proprietary Google Android services, but you can install an alternative free implementation of Google services from the project microG .

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