Ubuntu Web 20.04.3 Distribution Release

Introduced the release of Ubuntu Web 20.04.3 distribution , aimed at creating a Chrome OS-like environment optimized for working with a web browser and running web applications in the form of standalone programs. The release is based on the Ubuntu 20.04.3 package base with the GNOME desktop. The browser environment for running web applications is based on Firefox. The size of the bootable iso image is 2.5 GB.

A feature of the new version is the provision of an environment for running Android applications, built using the Waydroid package , which allows you to create an isolated environment in a regular Linux distribution for loading a complete system image of the Android platform. The Waydroid environment offers / e / 10 , a fork of the Android 10 platform developed by Gaël Duval, creator of the Mandrake Linux distribution. The installation of Android and web applications (PWA) distributed for the / e / platform is supported. Android apps can run side-by-side with web apps and native Linux apps.

Ubuntu Web 20.04.3 Distribution Release

The distribution is developed by Rudra Saraswat , an eleven – year- old from India known for creating the Ubuntu Unity distribution and developing the UnityX project , a fork of the Unity7 desktop .

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