Deepin 20.3 improves image management and screenshots

Deepin 20.3 is the new version of the most popular Chinese distro on the scene and as it has been happening with its latest releases, it is presented as little more than a maintenance update, although there are news.

We reviewed the latest movements of Deepin on the occasion of its previous version, and this year the project has assumed several changes in its development and launch calendar, now more together than ever and, therefore, with less news than never.

Deepin 20.3 is no exception and like the most recent versions of the distribution, regular updates of the environment and applications account for the bulk of the changes, although it presents a couple of novelties that stand out on their own, in the style of what has already been seen. .

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If in the latest versions of Deepin each of them introduced a new feature, from support to install Android applications through its new store to OCR support or global desktop search … what does Deepin 20.3 bring? A couple things:

Deepin 20.3 improves image management and screenshots

Improved album management

Album provides better batch selection of photos and new buttons for quick actions, supports import, preview and search of videos, displays the number of photos and videos separately in the status bar and improves the interactions of the main functions, making the management of photos and videos more convenient.


The screen grabber adds support for taking ‘scrollshots’, a long screen shot instead of multiple screen shots. In the process of taking scrollshots , all you need to do is scroll the page. The OCR feature released in drill down 20.2.4 is also available in scrolling scenarios to extract text from image easily.

Other new features of Deepin 20.3 include the update of the most recent kernel Linux 5.15 , as well as preserving the LTS kernel chosen by default; new options on the desktop and applications such as the file manager, the video and audio players and the rest of the applications in the environment, all seasoned with a lot of corrections.

Are you interested in downloading Deepin 20.3? In the official announcement you will find the download links, but remember: if you already have it installed, you only have to update to be up to date; and always download from an alternative medium like Google Drive if you don’t want to wait around.

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