Linux Mint 20.3 distribution design changes

Linux Mint 20.3 distribution design changes, The end of the previous month brought another report with a summary of news in the development of one of the popular Linux Mint distributions. The developers have decided to focus on design modifications that will make the appearance of this distribution more modern and consistent. Users can expect this news with the release of Linux version Mint 20.3.

Some of the changes are prepared for the Cinnamon desktop environment and Mint-X or Mint-Y themes. Mint-X will bring only a few minor tweaks, such as the new look of notifications in applications or the toolbar in Nemo File Manager. However, most of the changes will come for the Mint-Y theme. The colors of its panels will be more consistent and components with lighter and darker color contrasts should no longer be mixed in one application.

Linux Mint 20.3 distribution design changes

The Mint could also offer users better choices between light and dark skins using applications that have these settings available separately, regardless of the desktop environment. The icons of the files with the new emblems will also undergo changes. Other design changes are still in the preparation phase, similar to the support and use of GTK 4, modification of color schemes or system sounds.

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Earlier last month, arrived news about the start of work on the new site of this distribution, and it seems that its development is nearing completion thanks to contributions from the user community. After resolving a few minor issues, an updated new design page could be published in the coming weeks.

More information can be found in the report on the Linux Mint distribution blog at .

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