How to Install Mate Desktop on Ubuntu Linux

How to Install Mate Desktop on Ubuntu Linux

So today we learn in these tutorials how to install mate desktop on Ubuntu Linux and Ubuntu server as a secondary Desktop Environment, before getting started lets introduce about Mate DE, The MATE Desktop Environment is the continuation and fork of GNOME 2. It provides a Beginners friendly intuitive and attractive, fast as well as simple to use desktop environment using traditional metaphors for Linux and other Unix-like operating systems. Mate desktops latest version is 1.24 which was release last year in February 2020 with tons of bug fixing and dozens of new packages updates. Okay new lets get move to the today’s point.

How to Install MATE desktop on Ubuntu Linux step by step;

1) We’re using tasksel to install the MATE desktop. so 1st install tasksel using following command:

$sudo apt install tasksel
Install mate desktop on Ubuntu Linux
tasksel installation command on Ubuntu Linux

2) Install MATE DE using tasksel command :

sudo tasksel install ubuntu-mate-desktop 
ubuntu mate installation command
MATE desktop installation command on Ubuntu Linux
How to Install Mate Desktop on Ubuntu Linux
Wait for tasksel to complete the MATE desktop installation

3) After Complete Installation Package if ask you for configuration Lightdm :

configuration lightdm
Hit Ok and Enter
Selection between gdm and lightdm
Use TAB to select gdm and hit ok button

4) Finally, installation complete now reboot your PC :

reboot your ubuntu linux

5) After reboot your PC select desktop environment MATE :

desktop environment delection
Select MATE DE enter Password & Login
Ubuntu mate 21.04
Final Home Screen of Ubuntu Mate Desktop Environment

Ubuntu 21.04 Available to Download


  1. Why not just install Ubuntu Mate and save yourself the hassle? It is a great, community driven Operating system, that lacks some of standard Ubuntu’s less desirable traits. The one drawback of Ubuntu Mate is the LTS version is only three years of support.

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