KDE Plasma 5.23 Development News

KDE Plasma 5.23 Development News

The development of KDE Plasma 5.23 in the last two weeks has brought a list of interesting news, which was again informed by the developer Nate Graham in his weekly reports on his blog. Not only other fixes for serious bugs in the Plasma environment and its applications are ready, but also performance improvements and advances in Wayland support.

Much of the bug fixes are about the Dolphin file manager and its stability. For example, a problem with the function of opening a new terminal window has been resolved, and similarly, the developers have managed to fix errors in the display of folder icons. Removable media should now appear correctly in the list when you disconnect and reconnect it, and the file or folder renaming feature should work fine anyway. In addition to these changes, the launch of Dolphin should be noticeably faster in the new Plasma 5.23.

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Improvements can also be expected with the Elisa music player, which also adjusts the list of keyboard shortcut settings. The Spectacle imaging application will now work properly on Wayland, and a few minor fixes will also improve the stability of the System Monitor. The expected KDE Frameworks 5.86 update should additionally address two very serious bugs that cause application and widget memory leaks.

Wayland’s support will be a bit better again, mainly due to bug fixes on Nvidia graphics card hardware. The good news is that some of these improvements and fixes could also make it into the current branch of KDE Plasma 5.22. However, the feature for displaying data from AMD graphics card sensors has also been enhanced, and System Monitor will now display CPU information on the FreeBSD operating system without error.

More information about what’s new in KDE Plasma 5.23 over the past two weeks can be found in the first and second posts on Nate Graham’s blog.

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