CutefishOS Ubuntu v0.4 Download for testing

CutefishOS Ubuntu v0.4 Download for testing, the new desktop environment that is currently being developed, in connection with Manjaro . Cutefish 0.4 has just been released. The associated distribution, CutefishOS, is also in development. The CutefishOS website indicates that the distribution has not yet been released.

Cutefish 0.4 based on Ubuntu

If you still want to test Cutefish 0.4, you can now do so with CutefishOS Ubuntu v0.4 as a developer edition based on Ubuntu 21.10. After the first look at the design, it becomes immediately clear that the Cutefish comes from the corner of JingOs and thus from China. The new desktop is being developed in C ++ and QML, the graphical user interface is implemented with Qt Quick, and KWin serves as the window manager.

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Rolling release

CutefishOS Ubuntu v0.4 is designed as a rolling release and brings the alternative package manager tapfor the terminal as well as the graphic counterpart in the form of the Muon package manager. It tapstarts as a user and asks for root rights if they are needed. Calamares is used as the installer. Installation requires 20 GB of free space and at least 2 GB of RAM.

CutefishOS Ubuntu v0.4 Download

zRAM and PipeWire configured

During the installation, zRAM is automatically activated and configured in the system. zRAM is a kernel module for creating a compressed block device in RAM, i.e. a RAM disk, but with compression at runtime. The block device created with zRAM can then be used for swap or as a general purpose RAM disk. PipeWire is configured as the standard for the audio output, but I could not find the configuration in the Settings Manager mentioned on the website.

CutefishOS Ubuntu v0.4 is a quick way to find out about the development status of the Cutefish desktop environment and gives a first impression of what CutefishOS could look like. It is unclear whether and how the projects CutefishOS (unpublished) and CutefishOS Ubuntu v0.4 are related. Due to the sparse information on the CutefishOS website , one can speculate that the OS will not be based on Ubuntu, but will be built from the ground up.

Even with Manjaro

Manjaro also has an image with Cutefish 0.4 for testing. It is offered as a multipart zip, which makes it a bit tricky to unzip. The files with the extensions iso.zipand iso.z01are to be downloaded into a directory and then unpacked:

zip -s- -O

This reassembles the ISO, which has been split into 2 parts, and the resulting zip file can be extracted normally.

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